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Xiamen Neikes, industry and trade companyXiamen Neikes, Ltd is an independent research and development, die-cutting and sales of specialty adhesive products and solutions professional manufacturers. Company with tireless of spirit, to technology progress for pilot, introduced and Digest absorption both at home and abroad advanced of pressure sensitive adhesive production technology, main products has: professional thermal conductivity tape, and copper foil conductive tape, and foil conductive tape, and professional UV protection film, and anti-acid protection film, and high temperature PET tape, and high temperature gold finger tape, and high temperature iron fluoride Dragon tape, and VHB bubble cotton tape, and PE bubble cotton tape, and nano copper foil tape, and PI poly n Asia amine film, and and paper tape, and battery easy pulled tape, and OCA optical rubber, Proofing development and production according to customer demand. Products are widely used in the semiconductor, electronics, LED, motor, electrical, transformers, electronics, microelectronics, information materials, aerospace, aviation, nuclear and other fields. Faced with the fierce market competition, the company continued to attract talent, enhanced technology, focused on the development of other high-tech products in the field, improving existing product features. To meet the needs of our customers, the company has introduced and agents of 3M,TESA,NITTO and other brands of imported tape. Company has imported high-precision die-cutting, punching equipment, to provide customers with high precision, high quality design solutions


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